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About us















Motto: 'Informed, Reformed and Transformed by the LIVING Word'

Mission Statement: 'Rebuilding Lives, Restoring Truth, Rekindling Worship'

Scripture: Psalms 119:105: 'Thy Word is a Lamp unto my feet, and a Light unto my path'


The Word Church begun as Shekinah Kingdom Ministries (SKM) a Non-denominational, Independent, Word-based Christian Ministry. It was launched in October 2004. SKM is the first arm of the Shekinah Enterprise, a fast growing and an exciting Ministry. Dr. Clement Marcian Neely, the President of Shekinah Enterprise also serves as the Senior Pastor of SKM. At Shekinah, the 'Word' came alive under the powerful, insightful and anointed teaching of Pastor Neely. Dr. Neely is married to the former Miss Christine Butler and the couple has been blessed with two beautiful children, Clement Marcian Christoff Jr. and Clemia Marie Christia. 


Under the leading of the Holy Spirit, Dr. Neely was led to encapsulate in the name of the Church the essence of the Mandate of the Church, 'to preach the Glory of the Gospel'. Hence the last Sunday in January 2017, the Ministry celebrated an official name change to 'The Word Church'. The Word Church has also been blessed with an allstar cadre of lecturers and dynamic speakers. There is always a warm fellowship and a high powered, spirited and rich Praise and Worship experience that you will never forget.  Once you visit the Word Church, you will keep coming back. A blessing awaits you in the Word Church.


The Word Church has as its three-fold Vision:

          1.Teaching and Training

          2. Fellowship and Networking

          3. Outreach and Evangelism


Pastor Neely, under the unction of the Holy Spirit, has declared 2023 that -


  • The Thing that was a threat to your forward motion is a threat no more

  • New is coming. You have a clear path in 2023

  • There is a double Grace released upon you to work and fight at the same time. You have Hinds feet - Speed, Stability & Acceleration


    This is our year to soar on wings as Eagles. We have already taken flight. There is no turning back now. The Word flight 2020 has been cleared for take-off. And we are off........join us!!!


This is the year we raise the Standard and seek to please God in:


   -Our Walk            - Our Witness         -Our Work

   -Our Worship        -Our Warfare         -Our Ways

I DON'T Know WHO this WORD is For,

 but I SENSE that God is getting READY to TURN the GLORY On, Just for YOU!!! Just WHAT Does that MEAN??

When the GLORY is TURNED On, Everything that seemed IMPOSSIBLE,

Will Suddenly become POSSIBLE, and Everything That was Your STRUGGLE,

will become Your STRENGTH!!!! Everyone SAW You in Your PAIN,

Now Everyone will SEE, when the GLORY is TURNED On, and POURED Out!!!!! The GLORY of The Lord Shall be REVEALED, and ALL Flesh shall SEE it TOGETHER!!!! If THIS Word is for YOU, GRAB it, and RUN with IT!!!! AMEN!!!!!

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